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G-spot vibrator female masturbation
VIBRO© - 034
US$ 49.99
Reviews (186)
  • R****e
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  • Y****l
    I love this product!!!I love the different types of vibration that has in it. Battery is really lasting and really works on waterproof.I have made myself squirt sooooo many times and still work great. Honestly I never squirt before until I got this little guy
    30 Days Ago
  • J****a
    Great quality and, yeah. Powerful. Also loud. Like, you think, you’re in your quiet, cozy bedroom, and it’s going to be loud. But you’d think, ya know, in a restaurant, with all the people talking and utensils clanging and kitchen noise and music, that it wouldn’t be noticeable. It is though. Very much so. Also, the condensation from your tea IS enough moisture to create a slickness between your fingers and the remote control, and you might drop it if you are startled suddenly. Just for a point of reference, the level of sound, even if fully inserted into your date and her wearing jeans and panties as well, is enough to gain the attention of people in a crowded restaurant up to an unknown distance. In this case, all the distances. And powerful! It WILL make you squeal slash moan very loudly as well and render you unable to stop. Nor will you be able to stop crawling nearly onto the table. So! Yes! Absolutely! Yes!
    30 Days Ago
  • S****.
    There have been many similar products on the market for the past few years, but I've held off on purchasing them because of their high price point. However, seeing this at a relatively low price I decided to give it a chance.The vibration is ample, and the vibration mode can be set via remote. There are nine modes available, providing something for everyone.The silicone skin is very soft to the touch, and easy to insert.Both the remote and the vibrator are charged via the included, proprietary USB cable. One end is your normal size USB plug, while the other end if a very thin needle , which you use to puncture the silicone skin of each piece at a designated place in order to enable charging. Charging time was quick, at about an hour.Haven't tried to run the device out of battery yet, so cannot comment on battery life.Regarding remote operation, it long as you aren't too far away. The dangling part on the vibrating piece is actually an antenna, and hangs down in order to provide a pathway for the signal from the remote. Depending on distance, clothing, etc. the path of the signal could be affected, and it might not receive the communication from the remote. According to reviews I've read on other products (some MUCH more expensive than this), this is a common issue.
    30 Days Ago
  • Lo****ag
    Very easy to use and quite satisfying definitely would recommend this to people that loves taking extra mile on their imagination, the modes are totally amazing this product is a game changer.
    30 Days Ago
  • Is****ho
    De muy buena calidad todo
    30 Days Ago