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Electric Erection Penis Enlarger Penis Pump

Electric Erection Penis Enlarger Penis Pump Item NO.: 4000989477956

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  • Penis pump is designed to create a vacuum suction that improves the blood flow to the penis creating thicker,longer,and harder erections.Using it as a prelude to your sexual activity,make your sexual process lasting and full of passion.
  • 4 different suction intensities and tight seal,men with different needs can achieve the maximum effect. The soft silicone sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber.
  • 2.0 upgraded penis pump designed with LCD,displays the mode,time,kPa,and battery,make operation become easier.If you feel uncomfortable,instant pressure release button will protect your penis from getting hurt.
  • The cylinder is transparent, make it easy to observe penis swell in size.With feeling the air is slowly being pumped away, you can clearly see your penis is growing bigger and stronger from accurate measurement gauge of the transparent chamber in a short time.
Product Name Electric Erection Penis Enlarger Penis Pump
Item NO. 4000989477956
Weight 0.37 kg = 0.8157 lb = 13.0514 oz
Category MEN
Creation Time 2019-03-15


✔Item Type: Penis Pump 

Material: Silicone + ABS 

Noise level: <50 db 

Material: Body-safe medical grade ABS 

Property:IPX7 Waterproof, silent yet powerful 

Battery: Lithium batteries, USB rechargeable 

Product Size:L285mm*D60mm,356g 

Use time: about 2 hours(full charge condition). 

Clean:After use,itr should be cleaned soon ,warm water and soap can be used to clean.with special detergent and disinfectant,then let it dry naturally before store it in a cool or dark place. 


❤10 speed vibrations more satisfy your needs and make your life more interesting 

Unique waterproof design, you can use the product in the bath 

USB charging function, convenient and fast, no fear of power failure 


Relax your body and put the charged penis enlarger into the penis 

Start with the lowest level of vibration first, then slowly adjust to high-end vibration 

Long press the wave buttom to turn on vibrating, short press wave button to change vibration mode, and then long press the wave button to turn off vibration. 

Package Included: 

1 x Penis Pump 

1 x USB Cable

Privacy protection:
We will pack the goods in an opaque and waterproof bag, and indicate on the packaging that it is a toy, but it will not be a sex toy.

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Easy to use, has a built in timer to track usage. 4 suction levels, from 65 mTorr up to 225 vacuum level.



Ok, this thing works! I have used a manual pump one in the past, but this thing WOW! It really is a great quality product. Very powerful. Super easy to clean. Not very many parts. Stays charged for a very long time. First time I used it I almost broke my Wife. She was walking funny for a while. Is it ok to say this on here? Anyway... It has 4 settings, I only used the bottom 2 and I think I am gonna dial it back to 1. I just wanted to add a small amount of girth...just a tad, but man it didn't take long on setting 2 I maxed out the plastic tube and had to stop. For me level 1 should be more than good. Make sure to start low and go up slowly. So yeah, great product. Works great! I would by again.


Pa**** b

Great device. Very strong suction power. I just wish it came with another size of the rubber end piece that goes over the entrance side. I realize it has to be tight to create a complete seal - but the larger of the two options is still extremely tight. One additional larger size would be great.



This is a great pump! The suction power is more than needed! Works great and results are great. Had trouble with my device charging but customer service took care of it right away and replaced it! They were super nice!

30 Days Ago


Some expectation management, fellas. Works as advertised pretty well. NOTE: Lube the hell out of the opening and trim that lawn down (you'll know pretty quick if you missed any spots). God help the poor soul that goes in dry . It's got four power setting. It's got a surprising amount of torque, so don't try and be a hero and got straight to power level #4. If it starts feeling like your junk is about to be de-gloved , remain calm and back off the throttle (tap the - stop button a couple times, or abort completely by hitting the Valves button (think of it like the emergency decompression button the hero hits while stuck in a space airlock). And for god sakes, don't try and yank the unit off! Oh, and be mindful of your nuts - if one get's too close, it's getting sucked in, and that doesn't feel great. Any who, once you've found the right setting, prop the unit up with some pillows and sit back and relax. 10-15 minutes should do the trick. I suppose you could go get some chores done, but you'll find the appliance stuck to you distracting - not just to you, but those around you, especially if you go check the mail. Also, this isn't a foreplay toy. Sure the setup could be fun, but ain't much to do when that clock is ticking. Once you're ready for parole, don't expect that monster to keep it's menacing size right outta the bottle. That's her job to summon that demon back. Flexing or not, you'll have a fat soldier for up to a good hour. Hope this helped!

30 Days Ago


Post some before and after pics lol

30 Days Ago


Amazing suction and powet

30 Days Ago


I think is the best pump in the market very powerful, becarefull when you use it, go step by step.The only thing I don't give a five stars is because the rubbers stretch and get little lose.

30 Days Ago


Suction is so powerful I got so big take it one step at a time because the suction is powerful

30 Days Ago


The suction is so powerful it feels like it is sucking in your balls too. Lol. Very good quality.

30 Days Ago


This item deserves a five star review, everything you see in images above comes in package. No missing parts and everything work right out the box. I’ve been using penis pumps for a long time and finally someone invented one that cordless no tubes and no hand pump! I went straight to 4 and what I love about this pump is the suction power! You set and forget it, this will decrease and increase pressure at the level you choose. If you’re a beginner start at 1 and work yourself up. The item has timer on to keeping track if use and pressure level you’re at. If I could meet the inventor of this item, I would buy them a drink! Great all the way around price, easy to use and to clean. I’m buying another just for back. Awesome!

30 Days Ago


Pump went out in a couple of days. Who can I contact?

30 Days Ago


Just what I needed some time lol

30 Days Ago



30 Days Ago


Be careful because the suction can be powerful enough to suck in part of your scotum too.

30 Days Ago


Yeah...pretty good supergirl goin down on

30 Days Ago


Muy buena calidad. Facil de usar, Lo garantizo 100 porciento.

30 Days Ago


I got this after having a manual pump. I was always a little worried about how much suction there was, so I got this one for the meter, among other things. Glad I did! This thing is the Dyson of penis pumps! The first time I used it I got the orifice (the tighter one) all lubed up, turned the thing on, pumped away, and with one change in angle IT SUCKED ONE OF MY BALLS IN, too! Like, through the tight little hole my cock was already occupying... It was like somebody being sucked halfway out a shattered airplane window at 30,000 feet, and JUST AS TERRIFYING!!! TIME STOOD STILL. The pressure relief worked great but it still had a stranglehold on my junk. It's like you pop your knee out of joint and you know it's gonna hurt but you gotta straighten it out... I freed myself, and everything was fine. Now I use it with a cock ring, no trouble, no worries. So with great power comes great responsibility... This thing rocks, but proceed with caution!

30 Days Ago


Great pump. The digital layout and timer are very useful. Powerful suction.

30 Days Ago


Used it differently can be used to get better blood flow on sore muscles and it actually helps